EuroPolice Federation Participate WFDP Network


EuroPolice Federation Participate WFDP Network

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  • 08 Aug, 2022

EuroPolice Federation (EPF) has joined the Affiliation Program to World Fund for Development and Planning - WFDP  on dated 8th August 2022. To mention about EuroPolice Federation is Civil Association with registered HQ in Slovakia and various registered offices in countries such as Albania, Austria, North Macedonia & Greece. EPF also have offices in various other continents such as Asia Pacific & Africa.

The aim of this cooperation is to initiate, coordinate and carry out activities aimed at:

1- Crime prevention on the territory of the WFDP & EPF registered Countries.
2- Support for education, promotion, professional training, familiarization with the knowledge and experience of entities operating in the territory of the WFDP & EPF registered countries as well as abroad in the field of public order, road safety, fire safety and assistance in the event of natural disasters and events.
3- Assistance to victims, victims of criminal acts and their relatives.
4- Prevention of possession and use of addictive substances and precursors.


Generally, WFDP & EuroPolice Federation look forward to work together on various projects such as Education, Peace & Security. This agreement of Collaboration was signed between Ambassador Ekramy El Zaghat, President - WFDP Official Representative to United Nations and Dr.Robert Bodor, President of EuroPolice Federation HQ. This agreement was successful with special efforts of Prof.Dr.Dinesh Sabnis who is appointed Peace Envoy to India for WFDP and  on panel of Directors in EuroPolice Federation-India. 

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