Organizational Membership

Starting from
5000 €

Local business entities, International cultural conferences, Universities, Educational institutions, Research and study centers, Academies, Events,Seminars,Festivals

ROYAL Membership

Starting from
10000 €

Legislative and executive Governmental bodies and international councils, international and regional organizations and bodies specialized in development and investment and Royal individuals



  • * 50% discount on public events organized internally by the Fund.
  • *  50% discount when registering for courses and workshops organized by the Fund.
  • *  Priority to book and accept all private and public functions organized by the Fund.
  • *  Access to discounts granted by the Fund for events, trips, courses, workshops and conferences organized by our partners and collaborators.
  • *  Obtaining a personalized identity card upon meeting the admission requirements and payment of fees.
  • *  Internationally accredited certificate of attendance for participation in workshops organized by the Fund.
  • *  Priority to access to other members, partners, collaborators, sponsors and service providers.
  • *  Internationally accredited annual membership certificate, Fund’s badge and the inclusion on the electronic database (for International Membership Verification).
  • *  Access to participate in official quarterly meetings.
  • * Priority to job placement within the Fund based on timely advertising/application.
  • * Complimentary publications of the Fund and its services.
  • * Priority to access to specialized services in projects adopted, established or financed by the Fund.
  • * Priority to access to funding projects approved and/or adopted by the Fund.
  • * Members contributing to the dissemination of the values of the Fund have a chance to qualify for International Diplomacy features;
  • *  Priority to receive international postings announced by the Fund’s branches and affiliated organizations upon presenting equivalent qualifications to other contenders for the same position;
  • * Opportunity to join international memberships of the Fund through private agreements or protocols in accordance with conditions set out at the time and Priority to participate in the bid for international joint ventures between international members of the Fund.


Basic conditions

  • * Qualification steps for specific position(s) for individual members to act as a representative of the Fund in an activity , Programme or project and occupy the position of an Attaché, Peer, Advisor or Consul in member states are subject to the evaluation procedures of size, intensity and effectiveness of their participation in the work of the Fund, which entitles them to seek accreditation from the WFDP president.
  • * For all applicants wishing to join the Membership Programme of the WFDP, applications will be accepted after submitting bio data, documents and corresponding qualifications in accordance with the requirements set out in the WFDP Constitution. This provides for annexation/ selection of persons or institutions to join the Members of the Fund and classifying them according to criteria approved by the Fund president, provided their personal goals and intellectual orientations support/are in accordance with the WFDP objectives, directions and policies.
  • * The WFDP president reserves the right to take any decision to approve, reject or grant the membership to any person or institution.
  • * In the case of rejected applications, any person or institution shall have no right to challenge the president’s decision. The president has the sole right to take any decision concerning the Fund in accordance with the rights set out in the Constitution with respect to the acceptance, classification or promoting any member or awarding formal title(s).
  • * The Fund’s president has the sole right to include, exclude, suspend, terminate or define the type of the membership of any of the categories set out and classified under membership types of the WFDP.