Mr. Renliang Gu

Mr. Renliang Gu

Head of Projects Development - President Office

James Renliang  Gu currently serves as Project Manager of the President Office of WFDP, a NOG associated with United Nation, with the focus on for Business Development and Investment advisory in the Middle East and Africa. 

Mr. Gu has worked for World Bank for 9 years, both in Washington DC and Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

After completion of World Bank’s assignment in 1999, Mr. Gu has been engaged as consultant and advisor to a wide variety of Chinese and Middle East companies and Government officials. 


Recent and currently active projects, which Mr. Gu involved, areas are in Renewable Energy, Healthcare in Prophylaxis & Rehabilitation and Environmental, with all the unique technologies which are under his mandate to be developed in the region.

Mr. Gu holds a BA in Engineering (Shanghai University), and MS in Mathematics (California State University) and in Computer Science (Drexel University).