Mr. Vishnou Toolcanon

Mr. Vishnou Toolcanon

Peace Envoy - Kenya

Water Energy for Peace, Her Club by Dolly, and Joy “Learn with Joy...” are the three major initiatives led by the World Fund for Development and Planning (Kenya). The mission of each project is to improve the capacity of East African population to inspire a better daily life, to encourage peace and to alleviate poverty in many regions.


Water Energy for Peace (WEFP)

WEFP with the collaboration of WE USA, guarantee that in the future, all people in Africa have convenient access to safe drinking water. The water machine is an off-grid water generator that produces 70,000 litres of pure glacier water per month by using water vapour that is readily accessible in the atmospheric air. Furthermore, WEFP aims to provide green energy to African communities in order to promote long-term sustainability and eliminate pollution.


Her Club by Dolly 

Her Club is a feminine youth project created by His Excellency Vishnou Toolcanon under World Fund for Development and Planning (Kenya) with the aim of touching the lives of every girl in Africa and introducing them to a healthy and confident menstrual hygiene and way of life. Machines, raw materials, and napkin-making training are delivered to women at their place so that they can manufacture their own sanitary pad. The goal is to develop working opportunities for women without questioning their schooling or illiteracy.


Learn with Joy

His Excellency Vishnou Toolcanon, the founder of Joy "Learn with Joy...", introduced this project to make schooling accessible to all in East Africa, including those in poor communities and oppressed groups. In addition, this program aims to encourage teacher training in order to improve classroom outcomes. Joy learning is a learning pattern that delivers education to the learner by improving instructional process.