Mr. Micheal Kavuma Kintu

Mr. Micheal Kavuma Kintu

Secretary General - East Africa

We had a time when the whole world came to a stop, literally no one saw it coming. The world came to a reality that was never predicted would manifest in present time and since then the Covid 19 pandemic has shaped the world we live in today.

When World Fund for Development and Planning was granted a special consultative status through United Nations specialized agency, the Economic and Social Council, we have signed affiliation treaties and agreements with over 23 internationally recognized IGOs and NGOs as well as host country agreements with a number of countries.


We came to realize that if researchers had been given priority perhaps the corona virus pandemic wouldn’t have caused a huge impact to humanity that is why we decided to equip learners who are pursuing health related courses with the financing and facilitation they need so as to equip them with knowledge that will help learners incorporate artificial intelligence in order predict viruses and sicknesses that are likely to affect people living in a particular area at a particular age which will enable the health professionals to curb down the spread of the virus ahead of time and to identify the cure.


 In terms of research through WFDP university for research and studies we have embarked on a task of providing scholarships to students who wish to continue with their research studies covering the studying fees both in our university and those who have partnership with WFDP across the world. So far close to $780,500 has been injected into research and studies since 2020 for students pursuing pharmacy, medicine, pediatrics, nursing and other health related courses across the world with affiliated universities.


    Not only has World Fund for Development and Planning catered for higher education programmes but also education for beginners. Through our education funding programme we distribute scholastic materials to schools in the Eastern part of Africa with Kenya taking center stage and several learning institutions have benefited from this project. Earlier many learners missed school because they couldn’t afford tuition to stay in school and due to this through our EduFund and Learn with Joy programmes WFDP has secured $8M out of the $20M that is expected to facilitate these projects for a period of 5 years.


What if every month, every person got a cheque with enough money to live on? Would people stop working? Could we afford it? Would it eliminate poverty? These are some of the questions about Universal Basic Income (UBI stimulus package)  proposed with support from leaders across the political spectrum. World Fund for Development and Planning - WFDP through our cryptocurrency platform WfdpCoin under WFDP Finance LLC will enable underprivileged communities attain UBI -Universal Basic Income for all to enable them to make economic decisions in the marketplace.


 As a way of eradicating poverty UBI- Universal Basic Income ie $100 in wfdp coin monthly for everyone allows wfdp coin assets to deliver food, water, shelter, solar power, local and UBS Services:  education, medicare, transport and telecom voice data. Everyone will sign up for a mobile wallet and this will assist as well to make a survey for income and assets services baseline.  WFDP coin is for everyone (Parents for Kids Accts) can be updated with a new data record at anytime for their current needs, wants as change occurs giving wfdp coin granular and statistics at a personal and household level including spending will be attested.  Baseline levels: 1-10 then after WFDP coin for UBI will afford food, water, and shelter. Sufficiency living at level: 1-10 with WFDP coin will be spent 30% Food, 40% Shelter etc and growth BNPL: 20 % of wfdpcoin for solar, phone services, and internet.  Buy now pay later can leverage WFDP coin for UBI over years. Wfdpcoin will also for enrollment in schools, medical insurance, telecom from WFDP as UBI monthly offers for starts up, small and medium sized enterprises, entrepreneurs, startup capital for women groups, youth groups capital fund, and this improves income levels, assets, and services will stabilize. A smartphone will be essential for every individual to be able to transact.