Ambassador. Michael Tawadrous

Ambassador. Michael Tawadrous

Secretary General - Nigeria

WFDP framework to lunch a mega project in Nigeria to improve various aspect of education, healthcare sector, access to affordable, reliable and modern clean energy services, community development, financial development and youth empowerment by establishing an extensive training and programs to help youths enhance their personal attributes and to offer aid to many youths in multiple districts of northern and southern region.

Which includes:


1- To facilitate sustainable development programes.

2- To help develop educational system in northern region by building schools and infrastructures. 

3- Promoting small scale businesses; economic development programs, Loan Guarantee Programs and Infrastructure Improvement Funding.

4- To facilitate the development of infrastructure and urban settlements

5- Youth empowerment program to sharpen the youth mindset in the southern region and to give them a meaningful job and this will reduce rate of poverty and unemployment. This youth empowerment program will promote the acquisition of skills, entrepreneurship and employment.

6- Promoting community development such as: community mobilization, environment, health and sanitation awareness creation, promotion of child’s rights law, promotion reproductive health education and fight against COVID-19 etc.

7- To ensure access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services.

8- To ensure all-embracing and impartial quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for the northern region.

9- To foster peaceful coexistence between northern state.

10- To provide environmentally friendly panacea such as: clean water and bore hole project, tarred and motorable roads etc.