Mr. Rajiv Nath Kapoor

Mr. Rajiv Nath Kapoor

Financial Advisor - President Office

World Fund for Development and Planning - WFDP, besides its notable developmental and humanitarian services and programs, also provides substantial business opportunities to its clients across several business and commercial segments, viz. infrastructure development, real estate development, healthcare, oil and gas, power, educational institutions, aviation etc. to name a few. Such business opportunities require unique financing solutions to ensure timely and efficient execution of these projects.


WFDP along with its specialized arm, WFDP Finance Department, aims to provide top quality, out of the box, innovative services to its members and clients to meet the entire gamut of banking, financing and advisory requirements.


A very experienced and dedicated team of professionals led by Mr. Rajiv Kapoor, Financial Advisor-WFDP, is engaged in assisting and advising its members (corporate and institutional clients) as well as Sovereign Nations to find tailor-made solutions for their banking and financing needs. 


WFDP Finance Department aims to provide be-spoke solutions and facilitate both short term trade finance solutions and well as long term project finance- as the requirement may be as a long term business partner at competitive cost.


WFDP Finance Department is also geared to provide advisory services for M & A activities, investment opportunities, private equity besides debt solutions as well as re-align the banking needs of its clients. WFDP Finance Department intends to be the preferred companion of our clients for all their financial requirements and leverage its relationships with various Sovereign Governments to enhance the business potential and activities of its clients.


The focus at WFDP Finance Department is to engage closely with its clients and to understand their business and commercial needs first. This process of engagement, understanding and in-depth study of core issues and requirements enables the WFDP team to identify and deliver the right blend of financial solutions in a timely manner. Our process is transparent and deeply engaging as we go about enhancing the enterprise value and profitability of the clients by adapting best in the industry practices arising from our rich and varied experience. Be it origination of debt with optimum maturities or restructuring of existing debt for better liquidity management or obtaining trade finance solutions for various trade and commercial transactions arranging for additional equity or add substantial value to business negotiations for commercial transactions or mergers and acquisitions at optimum valuation – WFDP Finance Department is fully prepared to provide and manage long term strategic relationship with our clients to provide 360 degrees solutions on sustained basis.


WFDP Finance Department through its e-banking services also provides several services and facilities including e-wallet, cash management solutions etc. on your desktops and smart phones to help you manage your times and resources in an efficient manner. 


For us at WFDP Finance Department, our clients always come FIRST and we welcome you all heartily to partner with you on this continuous journey to a healthier, better, more efficient and prosperous future and improved quality of life.


Together, let us, make it happen and become partners in making this a better world for us as well as the generations yet to come by.