Ambassador Ekramy El Zaghat

Ambassador Ekramy El Zaghat

President - WFDP Official Representative to United Nations

Since its establishment, the objectives of the World Fund for Development and Planning are aiming at providing humanitarian assistance, peace-keeping, reconstruction and development.

Since the establishment of the WFDP, several programmes and initiatives that support our steps towards sustainable development have been launched, including WFDP Culture Exchange Centre that has a significant international participation and WFDP Center for Research and Studies, as well as the launch of WFDP Training Centre and WFDP University.

Having committed ourselves to convey the WFDP message to the world, the WFDP ensures that this message is based on transparency, integrity and accuracy. We consider our members and partners, who are contributing with their significant efforts to translate our objectives and support our programmes, among our priorities. In this context, we constantly seek ways to facilitate their work and strengthen our cooperation.

Our main objective is to devote the WFDP’s presence in the local, regional and international maps, as well as achieving the integration between the various institutions in the world. Besides supporting economic revitalization through livelihood and employment generation interventions, we aim at consolidating the capabilities and efforts of the WFDP to protect and support vulnerable groups, especially women and children.

The Importance of the WFDP is reflected in showing leadership in the peace-making role in accordance with the highest professional standards.

In that direction, we affirm our desire to achieve the long-term world peace and prosperity not only for individual countries, but for the world as a whole through our programmes and activities throughout the world on the basis of a favorable trading and investment environment.