Refugees Support

Worldwide, more than 21 million people have been forced to seek sanctuary abroad. We have a duty to help them and treat them equally, but most countries are still treating refugees as somebody else’s problem. Thus, WFDP has committed itself to protect them and provide them with amenities. We plan to do so through developing some policies and measures, such as:


1- Opening up safe routes to sanctuary for refugees. That means allowing people to reunite with their relatives, and giving refugees visas so they don’t have to spend their life savings and risk drowning to reach safety.

2- Saving lives by investing in search and rescue operations and immediately helping people in distress.

3- Stop trafficking and racism by investigating and prosecution of trafficking gangs who exploit refugees and migrants, and put people’s safety above all else in addition to combating all kinds of xenophobia and racial discrimination.

4- Grant people access to asylum by setting up strong refugee systems that allow people to apply for asylum, treat their refugee claims fairly, resettle the most vulnerable of all, and provide basics like education and healthcare.