Encourage Economic Integration

The world needs to adopt a collective vision for implementing development measures to create a better future.”

In this light, the move towards an open trading and financial system requires to adopt binding legislation and laws that consider the humanitarian development and poverty alleviation. Therefore, it is essential for the international community to eradicate poverty, disease and hunger in addition to providing accessible healthcare and education to every human being.

The WFDP addresses the urgent needs of developing countries by offering a comprehensive solution to the debt problems of such countries. This will be accomplished through integrating youth education, participation and empowerment in their development.

The WFDP is working with the private sector in all areas to ensure that all people reap the benefits of progress in all sectors. A classic example of this would be the direct involvement of pharmaceutical companies in this initiative which allows for ease of access to essential medication for all people at discounted rates in developing countries.

Alliances and partnerships weave a vast network that spread the organization’s message and vision, so the WFDP is always looking forward to strengthening its existing partnerships and forming new coalitions.

The WFDP has strategic partnerships in place with many international organizations working under the UN umbrella, as well as the close collaboration with global health initiatives, governments, donors, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, INGOs, media bodies, universities, associations and communities.

As part of our commitment to support children, we encourage the active involvement of youth as partners and participants in decision-making to raise economic awareness and embrace social responsibility, as we believe that children are our future.

The WFDP is always on call and ready to visit all schools, orphanages or nursing homes to assess and improve their access to basic needs. In addition, the WFDP president and team coordinate global efforts to promote children’s rights.