Mental Health Program (MHP)

Mental Health Program (MHP):


Mental Health is an unavoidable part of our overall health and cannot beignored at any cost. In the past few years, especially after the pandemic ofCOVI D-19, people cannot ignore the impact created by various factors suchas the gap of an isolation enforced by the pandemic. A lot of people areunaware that the situation they are facing in their heads on a regular basiscan be disorders or consequences of an illness/ chemical imbalance in theirbrains, which can be improvised with the right kind of help. 

It is probably persistent that one of the concerns of our generations in the21st century is affordable mental healthcare and queer affirmative 

healthcare for minority genders. It becomes quite a task for minorities totackle the question - Where can they find affordable therapy? How can theyget therapy sessions which do not charge hefty fees like 800, 1000, 1500,1800, 2000 and so on? 

How do we know if we need counselling or therapy? How do we choose aMental Health Expert? Is there a gender we would be more comfortabletalking to? All these questions might be somewhat daunting if someone isapproaching a therapist for the first time on their own. Especially fortransgenders and other gender minorities, it is more of a task to find a safespace to discuss their problems or to find queer affirmative therapists 

whom they can afford or most importantly whom they can at least findeasily. 

Why mental health and well-being? Without mental health, health isincomplete... 

An estimated 15% of working adults have mental disorders at any point in agiven time. In recent years, there has been increasing acknowledgement ofthe important role mental health plays in achieving global developmentgoals, as illustrated by the inclusion of mental health in the SustainableDevelopment Goals. Depression is one of the leading causes of disability. 

Contents :

World Fund for Development and Planning’s mission under the mentalhealth and well-being project is to create a globally receptive environmenttowards mental health and wellness. The program also helps to empowerpeople from all sectors to be trained in psychological first aid. 

Advocacy in mental health 

Youth mental well-being 

Training and capacity building workshops 

Policies around mental healthcare 

Certificate and Diploma courses in professional 

counselling and well-being 

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Mental Health Program (MHP)
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Health Promotion