Mental Culture program (MCP)

Mental Culture program (MCP) : is a WFDP's Program concerned with the concept of holistic health science  and sustainable development that targets human health and the surrounding  environment and influences it as a holistic health organization concerned  with human health, culture, concept and values and has a moral personality,  financial independence and legal capacity.

The  carries out its activities and achieves its goals as comprehensive  health, cultural, innovative, social, and humanitarian non-governmental or  political organization.

our goals:

To document the science of holistic medicine of all its cultural, scientific, medical and spiritual  schools and strive to preserve it and train new generations to save it from extinction by activating  a set of programs and activities and projects and establishing the necessary partnerships for that  around the world.

Collecting and archiving the science of holistic medicine and health with its different schools and  research spread in different countries of the world.

Establishing a knowledge bridge for communication in the branches of science and ancient  knowledge and linking them with modern sciences. Knowledge and scientific exchange, benefit  from experiences and research, exchange of experiences in the fields of holistic health, and their  activation in various parts of the world in the fields of holistic health, health, community and  human development, and the pursuit of developing systems, programs and civilized projects  currently in use.

Research and development in various holistic health sciences, which are concerned with the  human environment and the medium around him, and to participate in achieving its sustainable  development goals.

Achieving integration and planning in the health, human and cultural sciences.


Combating Extremist Ideology :

The extremism is considered as one of the biggest challenges that humanity is facing nowadays and the consequences of the act of terrorism that come out of extremism are affecting our world and threaten our peace. World Fund for Development and Planning - WFDP takes upon oneself the responsibility of combating extremism and promoting moderation among youth through spreading the tolerance culture and redirecting their energy and power to the right causes in order to achieve peace all over the world.


Over the last 15 years, the number of childhood deaths has been cut in half. This proves that it is possible to win the fight against almost every disease. Still, we are spending an astonishing amount of money and resources on treating illnesses that are surprisingly easy to prevent. The new goal for worldwide Good Health promotes healthy lifestyles, preventive measures and modern, efficient healthcare for everyone.


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Mental Culture program (MCP)
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Combating Extremist Ideology