Kids Cancer Program (KCP)

Kids Cancer Program (KCP)


Kids Cancer Program (KCP) is a WFDP's Program , run by youth that helps pediatric cancer fighters have a brighter childhood. We offer patients gifts, book contributions, medical kits, interactive activities, and other services and we provide a variety of programs and events, free of charge, for kids who are receiving cancer treatments in hospitals across the world. We are committed to providing positive group activities and emotional support for young cancer patients.

Our goal:

Putting a smile on faces of cancer kids

Volunteers Age:

Between 15 and 24 years


1- Awareness Campaigns

2- Interactive Activities

3- Trips

4- Books / learning

1) Awareness Campaigns:

- Awareness is the necessary first step of change We can start awareness campaigns to raise awareness of pediatric cancer as well as assist children and adolescents with cancer, survivors, and their families.

2) Interactive Activities:

- Art and crafts: painting, and other artistic pursuits provide therapeutic outlets. Art helps children to express themselves and channel their emotions into something tangible, which can be both uplifting and healing during their difficult cancer experience.

- Music therapy: Children with cancer might benefit from listening to music, singing, or playing an instrument. While undergoing cancer treatment, music therapy acts as a form of self-expression and an uplifting source of enjoyment.

- Games: Toys, board games, cards, and other indoor activities can entertain and socialize young cancer patients. Teaching kids card games has the added benefit of passing the time while they are in therapy.

- Storytelling: Reading books and telling stories may be a relaxing and fun way for children with cancer to spend their time while also stimulating their minds. This soothing effect is especially good for youngsters undergoing cancer treatment. Whether the stories are read or told aloud, this exercise can help a kid relax and feel reassured in the middle of difficult situations.

3) Trips:

- Taking them on trips will help them in changing their perspective, having fun, and attempting to forget about their issues. They will also get the opportunity to meet new people and find new friends.

4) Books / learning:

- Teaching them read and write allow them to realise the importance of learning


- Hospitals Partners

- Donations

- Volunteers (between the age of 15 and 24)

- Awareness campaigns

- Make charity campaigns to collects donations

Project Name
Kids Cancer Program (KCP)
Start Date
Health Promotion