UN Avenue , Runda , Plot 128 ,
Nairobi , Kenya .
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The Kenya headquarters of the World Fund for Development and Planning has been established strategically to service Central Africa, East Africa and East African Community.

Kenya benefits from its excellent diplomatic relations regionally and internationally. Kenya’s warm ties and open diplomatic policies have transformed its capital into a diplomatic arena.

WFDP Kenya will further develop the existing relations with local authorities, international agencies and governmental bodies for the benefit of its people as well as those of Central and East African Community.

The WFDP Manifesto for Kenya, CA, EA and EAC includes:

  1. To present the region as favorable for development
  2. To facilitate sustainable development programmes
  3. To enhance regional security against terror attacks
  4. To restore regional peace
  5. To establish community revival programmes
  6. To enhance the education and skill development sector
  7. To enhance the healthcare sector
  8. To promote Fair Trade and Anti-Corruption policies
  9. To promote women’s, children’s and human rights
  10. To facilitate the development of infrastructure and urban settlements
  11. To provide sustainable potable water and sanitation solutions throughout the region
  12. To protect the national parks, natural resources and wildlife of the region
  13. To provide environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions for the region

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