WRF delegation meeting with Helsinki Commission, Department of State in Washington,DC


WRF delegation meeting with Helsinki Commission, Department of State in Washington,DC

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  • 13 Dec, 2022
AS World Fund for Development and Planning ( WFDP) affiliate  , the World Roma Federation delegation was sent to Washington,DC to meet with the Helsinki Commission, Department of State and sponsor the 2022 Lantos Human Rights Prize.

During their trip, a historical bill passed in the senate by Unanimous Consent! This resolution expresses remembrance for the genocide of the Romani people by Nazi Germany and its Axis partners and commemorates the destruction of the Gypsy Family Camp where Romani people were interned at Auschwitz. The resolution also expresses support for International Roma Day as an opportunity to honor the culture, history, and heritage of the Romani people in the United States.

Janos Sztojka, founder and president of the World Roma Federation and the Official Representative to WRF to WFDP said “This is a huge victory for Romani Americans and all Roma people throughout the world! The Roma in America are trying to spread more awareness about the issues their families and other Roma face abroad. We hope other countries follow suit and put more efforts into protecting our fundamental rights’’

The Roma are one of the largest recognized ethnic groups in Europe. Since their migration into Europe between the 14th and 15th century they have never quite been able to assimilate into European culture. The issue surrounding their inability to adequately assimilate stemmed from cultural, linguistic and dogmatic mechanisms. The Roma are spiritualist and have deep affirmed beliefs in the paraphysical as well as in paganistic ideals which directly conflict with the steeple of christian religion. Other facets in cultural dissidence between the two groups derived from apparel, to food, speech, language, and comprehension of social norm complexities.

Deny Dobobrov , The WFDP Special Envoy for Government Relations said “The World Roma Federation will continue to advocate and will lobby U.S. law makers for more involvement on Roma issues abroad. We hope to propose new legislation no later than April 8th which is International Roma Day.” 

Ambassador Ekramy El Zaghat , President of World Fund for Development and Planning expressed his sentiment regarding this efforts and results which will be a great step for achieving the goals for the cooperation .

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