WFDP Amends its Constitution to achieve its international goals


WFDP Amends its Constitution to achieve its international goals

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  • 27 Dec, 2022

World Fund for Development and Planning - WFDP amended its constitution to start a new level in its history, the amended constitution announced officially the WFDP’s sovereignty status and the legal personality, it’s included many articles which facilitate the achieving of the international goals in very high scale.

The amended constitution includes such as:

1-         The amended constitution has specified the nature of diplomatic relations between the member states and WFDP.

2-         The observation status rights for intergovernmental organizations upon approval from president office.

3-         The consultative status for NGOs and INGOs depending on its qualification with WFDP standards.

4-         historical institutions which constitute a “sovereign subject of international law” possessing sufficient aspects of juridical statehood, including royal, ecclesiastical, and other sovereign historical institutions, may be accepted as member states of the Organization.

5-         The Organization may conclude multiple headquarters agreements with sovereign states and autonomous administrative territorial authorities.

6-         World Fund for Development and Planning will remain holding the Special Consultative Status with the United Nation (ECOSOC) and will work to upgrade it to be observer status, as well as shall remain Affiliation and Accreditation by United Nations Office of Special Advisor For Africa - OSAA and shall adopt working on achieving the goals of UNITED NATIONS for sustainable development.

The adopted constitution will be valid starting from 1st January 2023


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