WFDP's efforts to support refugees are continued in Iraq


WFDP's efforts to support refugees are continued in Iraq

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  • 24 Dec, 2019

As part of the WFDP plan to support refugees, Dr. Qyea Al-Radwani the executive director of the WFDP Iraq has allocated his land, which is based in Yehyava, 25 kilometers south-west of Kirkuk, for the displaced persons who have fled ISIS five years ago.

A well-established camp has been set up on Radwani’s land in cooperation with the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), the Chairmanship of Disaster and Emergency Management, Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Radwani had allocated a vast area of his land for thousands who have fled the terrorist organization ISIS to stay at camp A. Yehyava Camp is housing displaced Turkmen families from Mosul and Tal Afar due to ISIS attacks.

In his speaking to Anadolu Agency, Radwani said that he is thrilled to support the people who have been forced to flee their homes due to ISIS attacks over the last years. He added, “I’m gladly hosting about 2,600 displaced persons on my 30,000 m2 land free of charge for five years.”

Radwani emphasized that he is willing to host the displaced persons until the time is right for them to return to their homes as part of his “humanitarian mission”. In addition, he expressed his thanks to all the people who helped and supported him to set up the well-established camp on his land to house the displaced persons from Turkman and Tal Afar.


The camp director, Shoaib Qassab Oglu, in turn, commended the humanitarian efforts of Radwani to help the displaced persons in their hardest time.

Muhammad Mustafa, who has been displaced from Tal Afar, said that he is staying in the camp that has rescued them from death and displacement for five years now.


It is worth noting that the Iraq camp is considered the first of several camps that WFDP is planning to establish to help and support refugees all over the world.

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