Ugandan Minister of Tourism and Ambassador El Zaghat announce the opening of the Ugandan Cultural Center in Cairo


Ugandan Minister of Tourism and Ambassador El Zaghat announce the opening of the Ugandan Cultural Center in Cairo

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  • 14 Jun, 2018

he Minister of Tourism and wild living relics Ugandan Professor Ephraim Kamuntu noon Saturday, December 17, 2016 opening of the Ugandan center for cultural exchange and tourism and trade in Cairo, accompanied by Ambassador Ekramy El Zaghat President of the World Fund for Development and Planning

Ugandan consul attended on this occasion as the opening was also attended by Ugandan delegation accompanying the minister in addition to the presence of some advisers and fund the Ugandan Embassy in Cairo.

Ambassador Ekramy El Zaghat has said that the Ugandan Cultural Center is a modern, and it is a result of joint cooperation between the Ugandan Embassy in Cairo and the Global Fund for the Development and Planning, based in Uganda

The Ugandan minister said in his speech after the opening of the cultural center in Cairo that the Nile is the largest humanitarian link supporter of the bonds of cultural relations between Egypt and Uganda.

 Office of the Presidency of the World Fund for Development and Planning announced that Ambassador “Ekramy El Zaghat” President of the Fund, which also serves as the Special Envoy of the United Nations for peace and development for the Middle East and Africa, has ended part of the talks to activate tourism exchange and investment during his visit to Uganda last week.

It is worth mentioning that this visit came two days after Elzaghat hosting the Ugandan defense minister during his official visit to Egypt last week, where the event is parallel with the rapid development of the movement of many countries towards Africa at multiple levels, it  is also worth mentioning that the visit of the Ugandan Minister of Tourism also comes in parallel with the direction of the Egyptian state to revitalize relations with Uganda at a high level.

El Zaghat expressed his pleasure to attend the Ugandan Tourism Minister also expressed his appreciation for the Ugandan minister who inaugurated the headquarters of the Uganda Cultural Center, which shall be supervised by the experts from the World Fund for Development and Planning,  Elzaghat also added that the World Fund has been the fastest-paced in its extension around the world, which led to the fund acquired a multilevel international confidence starting from its development within the United Nations towards accreditation as a consultant for the Africa Region of the United Nations and then spread upward around the world, which has spread to China, Australia, Europe, adopting the goals of sustainable development on the human level, foremost of which is the reduction of hunger and poverty, ignorance, disease and violence.

Senior Counselor \ Mohamed Mansi who serves as Consul General of the World Fund for the Development and Planning, said that the head of the Fund decided to intensify the revitalization of investment operations, which supports community-based economies of the member states towards real benefit for the people in each region where the branches of the organization exists to raise the level of life, health, culture and education in order to the future will be more secure and stable.

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