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The World Fund for Development and Planning seeks to make a coherent interconnection between peace-keeping and peace-making. In addition, we aim to construct a utopian ideal of a civilization of the finest structure that establishes equitable economy and best cultural practices to ensure equal rights and responsible freedom, besides promoting freedom of thought and speech.

Mission & VIsion

Our mission is to expand our current working capacity through multilateral partnerships with other agencies, organizations and governments to remain a driving force in the communities we support.

Our Goals

Combating Extremist Ideology
Sport Sponsorship
Infrastructure Development and Innovation
Foster Education
Health Promotion
Safe and Stable Environment
Economic Development
Refugees Support
Encourage Economic Integration
Women Empowerment


  • Our main commitment is to continue to pave the way for scientists, inventors and innovators to find optimum solutions for mankind.
  • Dissemination of a culture of responsible freedom for all.
  • Support and enhance development ethics, good conduct and change initiatives.
  • Call for freedom of all people as the means for communities to express their desire to have full rights.
  • Adopt approaches which contribute to eradicate poverty and disease in member states.
  • Ensure healthcare and regular education for all children in remote and poor areas worldwide.
  • Prepare professional coaches, leaders, mentors and experts to be responsible for leading the human resources.
  • We strive to create awareness about the importance of human resources development, as our goal is to meet the needs of the labor market within the domestic, regional and international labor market.
  • Support the Africa’s development initiative in agriculture, livestock, mineral resources, industry and trade. 
  • Enhancement of comprehensive economic development, education, infrastructure and labor-intensive industries in member states.
  • Collaborate with relevant authorities and encourage them to participate in international conferences, seminars and forums being held on various human rights topics, arbitration and logistics development. 


Since its establishment, the WFDP has formed several focus groups to identify problems and define objectives of to discuss and address specific thematic challenges that face the world. These groups have provided an effective mechanism to develop peace-oriented initiatives in all fields through teaching and training in developmental science, improve media literacy, strategic planning, campaigns and workshops. 

The WFDP achieves its objectives through applying a set of advanced disciplines across all fields. Ultimately, this should enable the organization, its branches and subsidiaries to adapt their performance and consider investment options. The updated list can be found at accredited centers for specialized research and study on a regular basis.

This can be executed in three ways, namely:

  1. By focusing on remote development and improving labour laws and regulations for the benefit of individuals, institutions and companies. This can be facilitated online without having to incur unnecessary expenses. 
  2. By designing and hosting collective activities that meet the beneficiaries’ needs.
  3. Through science-popularization and facilitating knowledge transfer from industry experts to beneficiaries, such as students, scholars and other target audience of researchers such as enthusiasts who are keen to add value to their own experience and develop competitive abilities for their individual projects.


Scope Of Work

The WFDP experts is designing a methodology for development trends and practical measures that represent approaches necessary to expand study and research. Furthermore, sustainable scientific partnerships and investing in communities provide a brighter future that consider environmental and human factors as well as natural resources.



the Program Sector of WFDP seeks to create awareness



the Program Sector of WFDP seeks to create awareness 



The Enterprise Sector aims to optimize available resources

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